2016 Editorial Calendar

Jan   New year new you: Setting goals you can keep
Feb   How to survive change and thrive: Using the heroine’s journey to write your own ending
Mar   3 techniques for creating more order and balance in your life: Mindfulness practices that really work
Apr   The secret for creating more time for the things you love: How to say NO (and feel good about it)
May   How to deal with difficult people: Giving feedback using the GIFT framework
Jun   How to lower your stress using healthier assumptions: Because assume makes an ASS out of U and ME
Jul   How to keep momentum on your goals: There is a cure for the summertime blues
Aug   Building your personal brand at work: Because hard work alone just doesn’t cut it
Sep   Unlock Your Door to Influence: What’s my influencing style?
Oct   Networking Do’s and Don’ts: It’s more than just giving someone your business card
Nov   How to Prioritize like a Pro: Unlocking the urgent vs important matrix
Dec   Your key to sanity during the busy holiday season: Gratitude sets you free!

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