Career coaching…leadership coaching…does it actually work?

There are a lot of personal and professional development tools out there, so why choose coaching?

Because it works!

I love books.  I’ve read probably a couple of hundred different leadership development books.  Books are great.  BUT, they don’t always translate into concrete action.

And I’m a big fan of leadership training courses.  I teach many leadership training courses myself.  But the truth is the best training in the world is pretty useless if the participants don’t follow through and apply what they’ve learned.

Coaching is different.

It’s all about putting energy into action, so you start to see concrete results.

The coaching process is designed to help you hold yourself accountable.  And there is nothing like accountability to increase the likelihood and speed of your success.

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”
― C.G. Jung

So if coaching is all about taking action then it’s also about getting rid of the blocks that prevent you from taking action.

Some common ones are time or money.  “I could really fast track this department if I just had more resources.”

Sound familiar?

There’s another category of blocks that are sneaky because they’re not as obvious.  Maybe I like sneaky, because these blocks are my favorites to tackle!

I’m talking about mindfulness blocks.

  • Limited beliefs that you’ve taken on over the years.
  • Assumptions and inferences about what is or isn’t possible for you.
  • A particularly deep-rooted and powerful feeling that you’re just not good enough.

These are just some of the inner blocks that may unconsciously hold you back from moving forward.  Coaching does a great job of ferreting them out and getting rid of them.

Your thoughts are powerful. They can shape and define your life for better or worse.

Really good coaching helps you recognize the limiting patterns of your mind and reframe your negative thinking.  And once you do that, it’s really rather magical how more opportunities tend to show up.

The truth is those opportunities were always there, but your lens just needed a little polishing in order to see them more clearly. As your coach, I help you clean your lens so you can take full advantage of all the opportunities you have available to you.

Still wondering “does coaching work and is it right for me?”

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