Life Coaching


Let’s face it.  No matter what your mother told you, life doesn’t come with an instruction book. It can often feel murky, stressful, and downright confusing.

  • Maybe you’ve been diligently plodding through life, building a successful career, ticking off one accomplishment after the other. Then one morning you wake up and wonder, “How the heck did I get here?!”
  • Or maybe you’re just feeling really lost and stuck. But, at the same time, you know you have these amazing gifts that you have to get out into the world.  You just don’t have a clue how to do it.
  • Or maybe you have a sense of where you want to go, but the odds don’t seem to be in your favor. It feels like you’re pushing a rock up a hill and getting nowhere.  It feels impossible.
  • Or maybe you’re just far too busy to even think at all!

No, you are NOT crazy for feeling like this.  Let me repeat that.  You are NOT crazy.

These are very typical situations that my clients have found themselves in, and that’s what prompted each of them to reach out to a life coach in Austin.


life coach austin tx

  • Is this all there is? Something’s missing.
  • How can I feel better about myself?
  • I should be happy by now, but I’m not.
  • I need more work life balance.
  • I want a career where I really get to use my gifts.
  • I’m so overwhelmed! Theres never enough time.
  • I want more.


Life coaching is dedicated to helping you figure out what’s most important to you.

Then, once you know that, you can create a realistic plan to go after what you really want (instead of what you’re supposed to want).

And that is the key to leading a fulfilling life.

What does success in life look like for you? Can you easily describe it?

If you can, then how close is your current reality to your vision? Where are the differences?  The gaps?  Actually, it’s in those differences and gaps where the greatest opportunities lie.

Or perhaps your answers to these questions are a bit murkier.  Maybe you’re drawing a blank. Don’t worry.  You are not the only one!

Life can be complicated.  It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed (or even underwhelmed) at times by all the possibilities out there.

I’ll create a safe space and a structure for you to dream.

Part of the life coaching process includes a number of visioning exercises, the result being you start to open up to the possibilities that are all around you.

Whatever the reason you’re reaching out for life coaching, you owe it to yourself to discover what ultimately drives you and to go after it.

Human beings seek purpose and meaning.  We always have. And finding it is getting harder and harder in an age where we barely have time to get off the treadmill to see what’s really going on.

When you’re operating from a place of meaning and purpose, the things you want most in life tend to just start showing up, whether it’s money, the right relationship, a great job, your dream house.

It’s called the Law of Attraction, and you’ve probably experienced fleeting moments of it at certain points in your life. You may even know people who seem to experience it all the time – those free and easy people who just seem to float through life and attract everything they want.

I’m here to tell you that the Law of Attraction is NOT something they are born with, and it CAN be learned.

That’s where life coaching comes in.

After a few sessions, you become more mindful of the thoughts you’re thinking and the choices you’re making that you are keeping you from getting what you really want. Once you’re at that place of more conscious awareness, now you can start focusing on what you really want so you can start attracting the right things into your life.

Sound good?

Then let’s talk more about whether life coaching is a good option for you.  Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.