Mindfulness Training

True North Development training is the best of both worlds.  

The True North curriculum has been carefully crafted to weave mindfulness techniques into already existing leadership development practices and theories that have been proven to be successful.  The result is comprehensive programs that combine the best of both worlds and enable participants to get clear on what mindful leading, living, and working really look like.

Shelley’s clients include organizations such as:
Dell, Lake Austin Spa Resort, The University of Texas at Austin Center for Professional Education, HEC Business School, NYU, Amgen and UBM


Mindfulness:  The Foundation of Effective Leadership

1 day, participants will also receive a copy of my book, Running on Empty: The Irreverent Guru’s Guide to Filling up with Mindfulness


Mindfulness. Schmindfulness. It’s everyone’s favorite buzzword these days. But what does it really mean for us non-monks who don’t have the luxury of a serene home and a fancy meditation mat? How can we ordinary folks apply mindfulness to our over-scheduled, over-stuffed lives? And why would we even want to?

Who It’s For

Individual contributors and team leaders looking to manage stress, improve work life balance, and increase their engagement and satisfaction at work

The Mindful Communicator – The Key to Unlocking Your Impact and Influence

2 days


What does it mean to have real influence?  Is it just a matter of where you sit on your company’s organization chart?  A game of tit for tat?  Or is it something deeper?

Who It’s For                     

Individual contributors and team leaders looking to communicate more effectively and inspire others to great results

The Power of Authentic Leadership

1 day


How do we get people to trust us as a leader?  How do we get others to follow us? The secret lies in figuring out our authentic leadership style.  Team members trust and are inspired by a leader who can lead from both the heart and the head.

Who It’s For                     

Team leaders looking to develop their unique leadership style and feel a greater sense of passion and connection to their work


All programs are customizable for the particular goals of your organization.

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