Shelley’s audiences walk away with information and strategies they can put to work immediately.

Praise for Shelley’s Speaking

“Shelley Pernot rocked a standing room only audience on the fundamentals of being clear on what your purpose and passion is.  Members were not only inspired to put these ideas into practice but also more aware of the limiting beliefs they hold that keep them from showing up as their best self.”

– Katie Mehnert, Founder of Pink Petro, HerWorld 2017 Conference

“Shelley is an engaging and energetic speaker who challenged our membership to think critically about what’s truly important and set an intention for living their best life.  Her humorous and down to earth style resonated deeply with our members.”

– Karen Howard, Executive Women in Texas Government

“Shelley delivered a highly engaging and thought-provoking session on tackling your limited beliefs for our Austin Jobseekers group.  Her exercises during the session were extremely useful at providing clarity for participants by pinpointing the specific thoughts holding them back from pursuing their goals.  Participants left the session inspired and confident to face their fears.”

– Craig Foster, Austin Job Seekers Network

“Shelley Pernot did a wonderful job speaking to our group!  Her message was on-point, informative, and engaging.  We all left with a better understanding of mindfulness and now have the tools to put it into practice.”

– Beth O’ Farrell, Travis County Medical Alliance

“Shelley’s presentation style is dynamic and engaging.  Her presentation “Making an Impact with Mindfulness” was powerful as it caused members to think more broadly about the topic as a solution to societal problems such as stress and addiction.  Additionally, she created a buzz and dialogue within our membership as she peaked curiosity about the topic and got members thinking about their own ability to live mindfully.”

– Christine Egli, Impact Austin

“Shelley is an energetic and engaging speaker who clearly articulated the value of Mindfulness for the HR community, particularly how vitally important it is for companies wishing to increase employee engagement and effectiveness.  She made an often esoteric topic practical and explained how companies can start building mindful practices into the daily grind.  Her workshop on life intention setting helped our members get increased focus and clarity on their goals and enabled participants to see how they can bring passion and a sense of purpose to everything they do, whether at home or at work.”

– Sandy Thompson, WilcoHR


Her most popular presentations include the following:

Life Intention:  The One Little Sentence that Makes a Big Difference

If you’re not excited to be getting out of bed in the morning something’s off.  Loving what you do isn’t reserved for a select, lucky few.  During this session Shelley will take you through a number of exercises to help you get clear on what’s most important to you, so that you can show up in life passionately and full of energy.  You’ll create a life intention statement and leave with a simple and practical action plan for putting it into practice.

Healthier Assumptions = Less Stress, because Assume makes an A$$ out of U and ME

You show up at work having spent all night on a proposal only to find out it wasn’t what the boss really wanted.  Or maybe it’s the carefully planned gift to your mother that you were sure she would use that ended up stuck in the back of the closet.  What assumptions might you be making that are currently costing you time and energy and creating stress?  During this session we’ll spend time exploring how we make assumptions and you’ll learn how to utilize the ladder of inference to ensure you’re making the right ones.

Unlocking Your Door to Greater Influence:  Mindful Listening and Effective Questioning

Are your ideas not getting the traction they deserve?  Curiosity may have killed the cat but it really will set you free.  The greatest and most influential leaders are the ones who have cultivated a mindset of curiosity.  During this action packed workshop you’ll practice techniques for level 3 listening, which is deeper listening beyond just the words of a message.  You’ll also learn about high value questions and how these can transform a conversation.  You’ll leave with a new toolset for enhancing important relationships in your life, whether it be at home or at work.

Demystifying Meditation

I would meditate if only I had the time, I would meditate but it’s just too hard….Sound familiar???  During this session we’ll spend some time debunking commonly held meditation myths.  Shelley will then take you through the basics of meditation using six simple, easy to remember steps.  You’ll have the opportunity to practice meditation during the session and will leave with a simple and practical action plan for how to integrate meditation into your busy life.

Anxiety, Fear, Guilt, oh my!  Which mindfulness blocks are holding you back?

Mindfulness is all about being in the present moment.  And while it sounds great, we’ve all got blocks that “hook” us and keep us from living in the now.  Maybe it’s worry and anxiety about the future, or regret about something that’s happened in the past.  What blocks are currently hooking you that are keeping you from making the most of every moment?  During this session we’ll explore your specific mindfulness blocks, you’ll learn about the thought – feeling – action framework for reducing blocks, and you’ll leave with a targeted action plan for reducing your blocks.

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