Maybe you’re reeling from the corona virus.  You’re wondering how to stay strong and resilient for your community, your team and your kids when everything around you seems to be crashing down.

Maybe you’ve been dutifully plodding through your career, you do the same thing day in and out, you find yourself going through the motions of life, and now you’re wondering, “Is this all there is?”  You’re ready to make a career transition.  But to what???

Maybe you’ve thought about stepping up to lead or you’ve recently been promoted to your first leadership role, but you’re not sure how to do it and what skills you will need to be effective.

Or you’re a seasoned leader, but you know you have more to offer, more to give to your organization, your employees, your community, but you’re not sure what the next step should be.  It’s time to take the actions now to move from good to great!

Ready to explore coaching?  Hi, I’m Shelley Pernot, an ICF certified leadership coach and career coach in Austin, Texas.  I help my clients build purposeful lives they are passionate about.

Wondering how to build resilience in these bizarre times?  Mindfulness can greatly improve your life and your leadership.  If you’re currently struggling with the events of today, and are wanting a fun way to bring your zen back, pick up a copy of this award winning book today.

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Running on Empty: The Irreverent Guru's Guide to Filling up with Mindfulness