What are some of the most pressing issues organizations face?

Poor productivity.

Harvard research suggests that 47% percent of the time we are mentally off task.

Poor employee engagement.

It not only impacts your bottom line in the worst sort of way, but it also makes your company a less than great place in which to work.

You’ve probably seen the statistics.  They’re discouraging.

  • Employee disengagement costs the US economy more than $500 billion per year.
  • 79% of companies believe they have a significant employee retention and engagement problem.

The Harvard Business Review addresses employee engagement on a regular basis. Countless leadership development books talk about it.  HR professionals spend a lot of time and effort scrutinizing it.

So why is it still such a problem?  Why is it such a tough nut to crack?  Why isn’t it getting better?

Because no one is addressing the most crucial piece of the leadership development and employee engagement puzzle.

Mindfulness is the missing piece of that puzzle. 

But mindful leaders don’t just happen.  That’s why I specialize in helping your organization build them.

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