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This is just a sample of the most popular public speaking subjects and presentations that Shelley Pernot has delivered in the last few years throughout the Austin, Texas area.

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Intentional Living:  The Small Sentence that Makes a Big Difference

Ever feel like you are living the same day on repeat? The monotonous routine that has become your life feels like another task that you must complete, rather than something that excites you. While life is indeed complicated, loving what you do each day doesn’t have to be. This is where an experienced Life Coach like Shelley comes in. Through a series of exercises Shelley Pernot will help clarify what is truly important to you, so that you can create a life that fills you with energy and passion. Walk in with an open mind and eager heart, and you will not only leave with a life intention statement but an action plan for carrying it out as well.

Make Healthy Assumptions & Be Less Stressed: Assume makes an A$$ out of U and ME

It’s 7 a.m., and the Starbucks coffee that is a necessity after spending all night working on a proposal for your boss spills all over you. The coffee stains aren’t even the worst part, because your boss informs you that your night’s work wasn’t exactly on par with what was desired. Or maybe the worst part is the fact that you spent months planning a gift for your mother that you felt confident she would love, only to find it pushed to the darkest reaches of her closet. What assumptions might you be making that are costly for your time and energy? In this session, discover the different assumptions we make, and learn how to utilize the ladder of inference to assure you’re making all the right ones.

They Key To Greater Influence:  Mindful Listening & Effective Questioning Techniques

Don’t let the fate of the cat deter you from exploring the depths of your curiosity. While curiosity killed the cat, it has served the most influential leaders well. This engaging workshop will challenge you to practice level 3 listening, which requires a deeper analysis of a message beyond its words. You will also gain the skills to completely transform a conversation with the power of high value questions. Walk out of this workshop with all the tools you need to improve the important relationships in your life, both at home and in the workplace.

The Demystification of Meditation

Have you ever made a goal to set aside twenty minutes of your day to meditate in an attempt to tackle stress? Perhaps you attempted this feat once, and realized how mentally difficult and time consuming meditation could be? You’re not alone. Shelley will give you a new appreciation for meditation by guiding you through six simple, easy steps. In this session you will not only have the chance to practice your new appreciation for meditation, but you will leave with an effective plan of action for ensuring you set aside those twenty minutes a day for meditation.

Anxiety, Fear, Guilt, oh my!  Mindfulness Blocks Are Holding You Back

“Live in the now” and “there is no time like the present” are cliches that perfectly describe what mindfulness is all about. Often, it is hard to accept common cliches so easily, because life is complicated. There are blocks in the road that keep us from living in the present. You might be living in constant regret over a past mistake, or already looking too far forward to see the now. There is a reason it is called the present. It is a gift to be enjoyed, and in this session we’ll identify the mindfulness blocks that keeping you from doing so. You will learn about the thought-feeling-action framework for eliminating blocks, as well as a specific action plan for removing blocks so that you can live for the now.  

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