Employees repeatedly state that good leadership is one of the most compelling reasons they join and stay at an organization. But very often, leaders don’t get the support they need as they climb the leadership pipeline, and stay rooted in self-defeating behaviors that undermine their effectiveness. In this volatile, uncertain and ambiguous world, organizations need strong, agile leaders with a growth mindset who can quickly adapt to the challenges organizations face.

Targeted Executive Coaching

1:1 executive coaching will address the specific developmental needs of your leaders and often will include the following aspects:

  • Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

  • Creating Psychological Safety

  • Vision & Strategy Setting

  • Navigating Change

  • Managing Managers

  • Coaching for Leadership Excellence

  • Executive Presence

  • Leadership Legacy

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Mindfulness & Resilience

My Approach to Executive Coaching

Customized to Your C-Suite’s Specific Challenges

Participants will first take a leadership 360, where colleagues, direct reports and their manager will provide feedback. I have carefully researched a number of 360 assessment tools and utilize the Leadership Circle Profile. The Leadership Circle Profile is unique because it is the only 360 assessment that measures both Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. In this way, it gives executives far greater insight into how they think and what they may be doing that is getting in the way of their leadership. It provides an excellent jumping off point for going deep right at the start of a coaching engagement, so we ensure we are addressing the right issues that will move the needle when it comes to their leadership skills.

Based on the results of the 360, we will then work on a personal development plan, to be clear on what needs to change and how they will accomplish their goals. As the coaching engagement progresses we will periodically check in with the development plan to measure progress, and most importantly, to ascertain the value your organization is gaining from the coaching engagement.

Wondering if coaching is a fit for your organization?

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