Praise for Shelley’s Speaking

Shelley delivered a highly engaging and thought-provoking session on tackling your limited beliefs for our Austin Job Seekers group. Her exercises during the session were extremely useful at providing clarity for participants by pinpointing the specific thoughts holding them back from pursuing their goals. Participants left the session inspired and confident to face their fears.

Craig Foster, Austin Job Seekers Network

Shelley Pernot led a workshop for our organization to share her research and insight about “Mindfulness as a Path to Success: Uncovering Limiting Beliefs”. She was relatable, knowledgeable and created an atmosphere where participants felt comfortable sharing their “gremlins”. Best of all, Shelley provided concrete tips and techniques to deal with the gremlins we uncovered.

Alison Cross, Texas Wall Street Women's Association

Shelley Pernot rocked a standing room only audience on the fundamentals of being clear on what your purpose and passion is. Members were not only inspired to put these ideas into practice but also more aware of the limiting beliefs they hold that keep them from showing up as their best self.

Katie Mehnert, Founder of Pink Petro, HerWorld Conference

Shelley Pernot did a wonderful job speaking to our group! Her message was on-point, informative, and engaging. We all left with a better understanding of mindfulness and now have the tools to put it into practice.

Beth O' Farrell, Travis County Medical Alliance

Shelley Pernot’s presentation style is dynamic and engaging. Her presentation “Making an Impact with Mindfulness” was powerful as it caused members to think more broadly about the topic as a solution to societal problems such as stress and addiction.

Christine Egli, Impact Austin

Shelley Pernot is an energetic and engaging speaker. Her workshop on intention setting helped our members get increased focus and clarity on their goals and enabled participants to see how they can bring passion and a sense of purpose to everything they do, whether at home or at work.

Sandy Thompson, WilcoHR

Shelley Pernot is an engaging and energetic speaker who challenged our membership to think critically about what’s truly important and set an intention for living their best life. Her humorous and down to earth style resonated deeply with our members.

Karen Howard, Executive Women in Texas Government

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