Do I Need a Career Coach?

It’s important to realize your career doesn’t have to be broken in order to reach out to a career coach in Austin, TX You don’t have to be at a point where you hate your job.  Maybe it just doesn’t fit you very well anymore.  Or maybe you just want to try something different. 

There are a number of reasons why you may want to reach out to a career coach:

  • How can I find a career where I really get to use my gifts?
  • How can I find a career that I feel passionate about?
  • I feel like I’m living a version of Groundhog Day, doing the same thing day in and day out.
  • On paper everything looks great career-wise, but I still feel like something’s missing.
  • I thought if I made it to this point in my career I’d be happy, but I’m not.

How Can a Career Coach Help?

A skilled career coach will help you figure out both the “why” and the “what” when it
comes to your career, which ultimately leads to lasting career change.  Asking “what do you want to do instead?” is often putting the
horse before the cart, and the reason why a lot of career coaching falls short of delivering lasting change.  Instead, it’s much more helpful to start with the deeper question of “why:”

  • Why do you get up in the morning?
  • Why is a new career so important to you?
  • Why do you do what you do?

Once you know your why, the what tends to fall into place naturally.  A successful career coach will facilitate this discussion and provide ongoing support along the way.

Seeing a Career Coach in Austin, TX

career coach in austin, tx, shelley pernotShelley Pernot is a career coach and counselor in Austin, Texas who has a wealth of experience with career coaching and helping her clients find the career fulfillment they crave. Pernot is intensely familiar with these struggles, as she was struggling with her own career a number of years ago. When she eventually figured out what was wrong, it was simple enough: she was living someone else’s version of what she thought her life should look like. She made a dramatic career change and became determined to help others discover their own true north.

Contact Shelley Pernot for Career Coaching in Austin

If you’re struggling in your career or thinking of switching careers, Shelley Pernot can help. If you’re interested in having a free career coaching consultation with Shelley, fill out this form or call (512) 200-4269. If you’d like an introduction to Shelley’s coaching style, and how she works as a career coach in Austin, TX, download a free copy of chapter two of her new book Running on Empty here.