I wrote Running on Empty based on the dilemmas my clients struggle with. Things like:

  • Why do I never feel fulfilled with what I have?

  • Why does every day feel like groundhog day?

  • What the heck should I be doing with my life?

  • How do I manage this crazy amount of stress and become more zen like my cat Skittles?

  • How do I stop judging myself and others?

  • What does work/life balance look like for me?

  • Why should I bother with meditation, yoga or any of that new age crap?

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If you want a more balanced and purposeful life, Running on Empty is the self-help book that can jump-start your journey from boring to boundless.

Praise for Running on Empty

Running on Empty offers a fresh, funny and actionable perspective on mindfulness to help re-PURPOSE our lives while giving insight into us finding our own authentic path forward. The path starts with mindfulness and a genuine sense of humor!

Liliya A. Spinazzola, Director of the University of Texas Center for Professional Education, Austin, Texas

Running on Empty is full of practical advice and encouragement for folks who want to stop living their version of groundhog day and start living big.

Katie Mehnert, CEO & Founder, Pink Petro

“By following the simple techniques found within Running on Empty, the reader will have the tools to once again enjoy their lives and live consciously.”

Readers' Favorite,

“Running on Empty is a must read for any one who is serious about taking back their life.”

Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey, New York Times Bestselling Authors, The Barefoot Spirit, The Entrepreneurial Culture