It’s a little different for each person, because people are different, but there is a general flow. For career coaching clients, we start off sessions debriefing the Ennegram Assessment and look at things like coping strategies, how you’re currently derailing yourself and what are the recurring problems that have been chasing you throughout your career.  Then we will tap into the insight from the Highlands Ability Battery, and then look at your interests, your abilities, your skills – we look to develop a clear direction for your focus and your career.

For leadership and executive coaching, we first debrief the results of your 360 leadership assessment or self-assessment, and from there we develop a plan of what leadership competencies you want to work on, and what may be holding you back. As we meet for coaching sessions we periodically check in to ensure we are making progress on your leadership coaching goals. I have a lot of expertise teaching leadership for companies, I’ll often share models/concepts during our sessions that have been helpful for past students and clients and challenge you to put them to practice.