What Is Your Purpose?

Do you have trouble answering that question? Are you unsure of what you should be working toward everyday, your drive to do your best? Do you struggle to find motivation because your goals are undefined and unclear? Shelley Pernot, your local Life Coach in Austin, is here to help.

It’s Easy To Start Your Journey With a Life Coachlife coach, true north life coach

Life Coaching doesn’t have to be a difficult or a confusing process to start. Shelley has been trained on helping clients feel at ease from beginning to end, guiding them to find their purpose. She knows that life coaching isn’t textbook-driven or a data heavy process, it’s a skill that requires a personalized scope of action and a motivation to support you however you need.  

Prioritization Is Key

Everyone knows that life can sometimes be overwhelming, but you can tackle everything if you cross out the to-do list one by one. During your life coach sessions with Shelley, she will walk you through the process of prioritizing. She will help you understand what tasks are most important to you specifically and which tasks should follow. We often find ourselves buried in questions unsure of how to dive into the obstacles at hand; with Shelley’s help, you can navigate optimistically. No problem is too big.

Everything Falls Into Place

When you have an understanding of what you need to do in order to thrive, you can succeed. When you know who you are and how to make yourself happy, you can find the type of happiness you deserve. When you have a grasp on why you struggle to find purpose, you will know how to take the right kind of action to set you free.

Once you are conscious, everything falls into place.  

Are You Ready To Hire Your Life Coach?

Shelley Pernot has dedicated her career to discovering and understanding the ways to optimize your life and helping others find their purpose. To get a glimpse into her methods, follow this link to download your free copy of chapter two of her book, Running on Empty, The Irreverent Guru’s Guide to Filling up with Mindfulness. If you are ready to see for yourself how a life coach can help you take control of your life again, schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Shelley today by filling out this contact form. The best time of your life is knocking at your door, don’t wait any longer.