Want A Free Consultation?

Shelley Pernot is a Life Coach in Austin, Texas, who has a wealth of experience in helping her clients tackle the issues in their lives head on and create the lives and careers they long for. She is currently offering a free thirty-minute initial consultation to those in need of either a career coach or life coach in Austin, Texas.

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What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch. It’s understandable you may expect one, but Shelley Pernot is offering this free initial consultation because she knows the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. When we say it’s a free consultation, we really mean it. 

Talking with a Life Coach in Austin

A local life coach in Austin, TX will be able to understand the unique pressures and stresses that you are facing in your everyday life. Shelley Pernot is a small-town girl from East Texas but has also worked her way up the corporate ladder at a number of fortune 100 firms and graduated from a top European MBA program — so she understands the pressures her clients face. More importantly, she knows how to help you to reach your full potential and specializes in helping her clients “get unstuck.” Shelley Pernot has specialized in public speaking, leadership development, career coaching, and life coaching in Austin, Texas, because she truly believes in their effectiveness. 

Contact Shelley Pernot for a Free Life Coaching Consultation!

If you need to speak to someone, Shelley Pernot is happy to listen. For a free 30-minute consultation, simply fill out this form or call (512) 200-4269. If you’d like to get a sense of Shelley’s style and how she approaches the life and career coaching process, download chapter two of her new book Running On Empty:  The Irreverent Guru’s Guide to Filling up with Mindfulness here.