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    How a Career Coach in Austin Will Help

    Should I Call an Austin Career Coach? Perhaps you’re thinking it’s time for a promotion?  Or maybe a career change?  What about starting your own business?  Or maybe you’re wondering if you’ll ever manage to find a career your feel passionate about because you’re living a version of groundhog day, doing the same thing day in and day out.  A career coach in Austin, TX, can help you explore these questions as well as challenge your beliefs that may be holding you back from success. Career Coaches Understand Today’s Recruitment Methods Linkedin, Indeed – the bottom line is the job market has changed.  You upload your resume into a nameless, faceless database and you never hear back.  How can this be – you were perfect for that job!  Recruiting has changed too, whether we like it or not.  How can a person possibly stay abreast of all the latest developments?  A career coach in Austin is skilled at helping you navigate this new and confusing world. Hire a Career Coach in Austin to Find Clarity Wondering how to start a whole new career path?  Shelley Pernot has access to a number of helpful assessments like the Highlands Ability Battery that provide much needed clarity on your strengths and natural abilities.  Once your strengths have been identified and the way forward becomes more clear, she provides tips and techniques for making a smooth career transition. Your Free Consultation Starts the Process Shelley is excited to help you with your next career decision. Contact Shelley Pernot today for your complementary career coaching consultation by filling out this form or calling (512) 200-4269.  If you’re wanting to get a jump start on finding your dream job, download chapter two of her book Running on Empty here, it’s filled with countless tips and exercises to get you thinking. .

    May 1, 2018


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