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    Want to Change Careers? See a Career Coach in Austin, TX!

     i How Can I Find a More Fulfilling Career? Career coaches get this question all the time: how can I find a more fulfilling career? The answer starts with what you should not do to achieve that aim. Do not be complacent, do not be content to complain about your current career, do not think the grass is greener. Complaining about your current situation will get you nowhere and worsen your mood without actually accomplishing anything. How Can a Career Coach in Austin Help? A career coach is going to help you to figure out the “why” instead of the “what”. Asking “what do you want to do instead?” is putting the horse before the cart. Instead, we want to ask “why?” Why do you get up in the morning? Why are you unhappy in your current career? Why do you think changing careers is important? Once you know the why, the what will fall into place naturally. This is the job of a successful career coach, to guide you through this discussion. Seeing a Career Coach in Austin, TX Shelley Pernot is a career coach and counselor in Austin, Texas who has a wealth of experience with career coaching. Pernot was struggling with her own career a number of years ago. When she eventually figured out what was wrong, it was simple enough: she hated what she was doing. So, you could say Shelley Pernot has personal experience with the struggle that many of her clients are dealing with.  Contact Shelley Pernot for Career Coaching in Austin If you’re struggling in your career or thinking of switching careers, Shelley Pernot can likely help. If you’re interested in having an initial career coaching session with Shelley, fill out this form or call (512) 200-4269. If you want an introduction to how Shelley’s coaching style, you may want to download a free chapter of her new book Running on Empty here.

    April 17, 2018


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